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700 in 1 Arcade Multigame PCB

700 in 1 Arcade Multigame PCB

Product ID: : PCB008
Unit Price: : $105.00USD/PCS save 30%
Availability : 7-14 Days
Condition : New

About Product

This Multi Game Board with solid embedded design and reliable performance. There are 700 different games for player to select. It's easy to install on the arcade machine with the JAMMA interface.

Product Details

Consists of 700 classical games
Delete and resume game from the game list;
Voltage: 110V / 220VDC.
Language English / Chinese optionally
Difficulty and coin insert adjustable
PC board, preformance stable and reliable.
28 pins Jamma standard interface equipped supports multiple plays.
Coins pay by menu available, no coins swallowed and leaked
Multiple control modes supported, press startup key for 5 seconds and back to menu.
Game is an unmaned, after 3 minutes it will return to the menu.
Product weight: 5KG/PCS

Other Details

Product Inclued:
Power Supply cable:1pc
User Manual:1pc
Games List:1set

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