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IGS PGM Mother Board

IGS PGM Mother Board

Product ID: : PCB014
Unit Price: : $126.00USD/PCS
Availability : 3-4 days
Condition : New

About Product

PGM (Poly Game Master) Mother Board is an obscure platform similar to SNK ‘s Neo Geo MVS system, this unit is a pleasant surprise.  As no other country versions exist there are no compatibility problems. System should come with a connector cable (and Cable-End to Jamma adapter) for 2nd cabinet. This way u can play with 4 players on 2 machines using only one PGM System and only one cart. Without it only 2 player play is possible on one machine. Some known games: Knights of Valour, Knights of Valour Super Heroes, Knights of Valour 2, Y2K, Oriental Legends, Martial Artist, Dragon World 2+3, Dodonpachi 2.

Product Details

1. PGM Motherboad --This unit ONLY worked inside a JAMMA Arcade Cabinet, but now the board will play ANY Poly Game Master cartridge, so all you need to do is simply remove one cartridge & insert another.
2. S-Video Output—Simple and Basic analog connections.
3. Quasi Stereo Left/Right Output-this board would output a single mono sound field, but all has been upgraded for 2 Channel Quasi-Stereo Sound.
4. Neo Geo Platform Controller Ports – Support Any Neo Geo AES or CD joysticks/controllers with this unit. It has the identical controller ports that are outfitted on the NG arcade/home systems.
5. Dual Functionality This unit can still be used in an Arcade Cabinet via the JAMMA Harness.

Other Details

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