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32inch Initial D Version 8

32inch Initial D Version 8

Product ID: : DR002
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Availability : 7-14 days
Condition : New

About Product

The latest sequel to the coin-op classics, Initial D Version 8 is a virtual driving experience combining the stimulating racecar joyride with lindbergh's beautiful graphics.
Play Legend of the Streets, Time Attack and In-store Battle with intensity that you've never felt before!
Experience the new age of racing on Initial D 8! Aim to be the best of the best just like member of Project D!

Product Details

Power, maximum current: 420 W, 3.5 A (AC 120 V, 60 Hz Area)
Monitor: 32" LCD HD Monitor (16:9)
Brand new original game kits

Other Details

Product ID:     DR002
Item Type:      Driving Machine

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