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News List  Arcade, game center opens in Avilla

Arcade, game center opens in Avilla

The idea behind the Avilla Family Fun Center is to provide kids with a safe place to come, play and get something to eat in an environment where parents can know they’re safe, Bryan Iddings said.

The building includes a variety of games and gaming machines fron arcade games to air hockey and foosball, Iddings said. There are shooting games, two claw machines and three Tekken games.

Some games dispense tickets that can be redeemed at the counter for prizes or food, Iddings said. The meat market equipment in the back will be used to make sub sandwiches. Other items for sale or ticket redemption will include burgers, hot dogs, candy, chips and pop, he said.

The center also has three pool tables, and will offer bi-weekly pool tournaments, Iddings said. There’s a unique game that uses actuators to create an 18-hole miniature golf course, all inside the one machine, for play.

The Iddingses and Bryan’s brother and sister-in-law, Leonard and Ginger Iddings, will supervise kids while in the building, Bryan said. It’s a nonsmoking facility designed to be kid-friendly.

The business will have hours after school on Thursday and Friday and Saturday starting at noon,Bryan Iddings said. It will close at 8 p.m. each of those three nights.

It’s closed the first part of the school week for a reason Bryan Iddings said. “We figure Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the kids should probably be concentrating on school work.”

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