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Welcome to Happmart-Your Arcade Parts &  Game Machines&PCB Source

Welcome to Happmart!
We are chinese professional distributor of arcade&amusement products(Arcade parts,Game machines, Arcade pcb,etc), include pushbutton, joystick, coin acceptor, power supply, arcade cabinets,claw machines,amusement rides,driving machines, shooting machines,multi-game pcb,snk cartridge,sega kits,etc.Our professional staff have provided service to worldwide clients for many years.

31inch Amazing Park Claw Machine  18-10-2019

31Inch Amazing park claw machine is a bright-colored machine,fun for kids of all ages! And design with aluminium alloy body structure, tempered glass and metal control pannel.Pink and blue color are avaliable.

Hunting Hero Shooting Machine  24-09-2019

This is a large shooting machine for 4 players, come with 4 guns, it include 12 games(8 hunting games and 4 shooting game). 

Boxing Redemption Machine  12-08-2019

This boxing redemption machine is a sport game machine, player need use her largest strength to hit machine's ball, player can get prize when he get a higher score than this machie's present record.

Pumpkin Party Redemption Machine  01-07-2019

This pumpkin party redemption machine come with 9 ghosts, player use ball to knock down it and get points for ticket. these 9 ghosts are divided into 3 row, with different difficulty and different points, this game has 3 levels

Transformers: Human Alliance Sega Shooting Machine(with 55inch LCD Screen)  18-05-2019

Transformers: Human Alliance is sega' s latest action adventure game, players with one of three movie stars: optimus prime, bumblebee,sideswipe.

Single Insertion Coin Door with Single Coin Acceptor USD22.50/PCS

A Sturdy one-piece frame of die cast aluminum it has single coin door with single vertical coin acceptor, t. . .

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American Style Pushbutton With Horizontal Microswitch $0.68USD/PCS

This 33mm round and concave push button are made from durable Nylon, it work with horizontal mounted microswitch.Idea. . .

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32inch LCD Arcade Cabinet Please Ask

Advanced 32inch LCD arcade cabinet allowing all games (15khz, 24khz, and 31khz) to play on this cabinet. Control pane. . .

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